A Buyer’s Guide For Choosing The Ideal Surfboard

 A Buyer’s Guide For Choosing The Ideal Surfboard

Isn’t it exciting to learn a new sport or an activity? Especially when you are interested in learning surfing. It is guaranteed that each surf ride will be exciting and thrilling. 

But to learn surfing, the first step is to buy a surfboard. There are many surfshop to pick and choose from, but there are guidelines to follow. Adhere to the basic buying rules to have a fabulous surfing experience.

Guideline For Buying The Perfect Surfboard

The level of your surfing skills matters the most while buying a surfboard. Whether you are a complete beginner, on an intermediate level, or a professional surfer. Understanding the fundamentals regarding the board sizes, design, shape, and more is crucial. 

When you are at the surfshop, choosing the perfect board depends on your skills, surf conditions, wave types, and fitness level. Even purchasing accessories besides a surfboard, such as surfboard pins, traps, leg ropes, traction pads, etc. 

When deciding to purchase a board, there are multiple factors to consider. The various parameters to consider while at a surfshop include the brand and variety available. The volume of the board, the height, weight, calculating the volume per your body type, etc. 

What Is Surfboard Volume?

The volume of the surfboard is the area of liters. It is calculated by considering its total length, width, thickness, and foil using the L (length) x W (width) x H (height) formula to calculate the volume. Do it quickly by utilizing computer simulations while shaping the board.

Knowing the board’s desired volume is essential before finalizing the size, shape, and fin configurations. The boards can be made in low or high volume per the requirement.

Special Tips And Tricks To Follow For Accurate Calculations 

Knowing the exact numbers while buying a surfboard is vital as, without that, the surfing techniques might not work the way you want them to. There are several tips and tricks to remember when performing the calculations while surfboard buying.

  • Measure the accuracy of your weight on a weighing scale
  • Height measurements with a measuring device
  • Prominent feedback from friends, family, and the local and professional surfers
  • Avoid considering brand preferences while determining the correct board


Apart from all these, choosing a reputed brand is also essential and the right kind of supplier too. There are many online and in-store buying boards on a retail basis. This helps acquire professional help, after-sale services, and an excellent overall experience.

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