Latest Football Updates from Bournemouth, Chelsea, Manchester United, and more Clubs

 Latest Football Updates from Bournemouth, Chelsea, Manchester United, and more Clubs


Bournemouth Close to Signing Neto

You must have heard that Bournemouth was very interested in signing Neto for their club. However, the club has progressed tremendously since the last update about the club’s interest in Neto.

The reports are that the club has already approached Barcelona and a deal seems to have been struck successfully between both parties.

The club is very close to finalizing a deal with Barcelona for the 33-year-old Brazilian goalkeeper. If things go well, then Neto will be joining Bournemouth for the upcoming season.

Chelsea Close to Acquiring Wesley Fofana

Among all major finalized and potential transfers, the one with the most amount of hype is the Wesley Fofana one. The fans of Chelsea are eager to see Wesley Fofana for the blues.

Turns out, the blues also hold the same values for the player. This is why they are willing to sign the 21-year-old French defender and make him part of their squad.

Initially, Chelsea had made an offer of signing the Leicester City player for £70 million. However, the club has been very firm that they will not consider any offer below £85 million. 

Chelsea made its second bid against the player for £70 million but the club did not budge at all. The Leicester City executives are confident that Fofana is well deserved for an £85 million price.

It seems that Chelsea is not willing to let the player go because there are reports that the club is considering matching the demanded price. This means that Chelsea is ready to pay £85 million for the player. 

However, it is expected that Chelsea may make yet another bidding offer to see how the Fox club reacts. It is expected that the next bid Chelsea offers may be somewhere between £75 million and £85 million.

Manchester United to Find a New Shirt Sponsor 

Manchester United had reportedly formed a five-year contract with TeamViewer to put their name on their shirts. The tech company has been the primary shirt sponsor for Manchester United since the beginning of the 2021-2022 agreement. 

It was reported that the entire deal was worth £235 million and each season is for £47 million. However, just 12 months into the contract, TeamViewer has announced it will not renew the contract with MANU.

Martin Braithwaite doesn’t want to leave Barcelona

It was recently revealed that Barcelona is planning to transfer/sell Martin Braithwaite in the running transfer window. 

However, Martin Braithwaite has made it clear that he will not be leaving the club unless the La Liga clubs pay his wages in full. 

According to sources, Martin Braithwaite still has a running contract with the club. Therefore, if the club wants to send him off, they will need to pay off all his wages that were added to the contract. 

Martin Braithwaite’s agent has claimed that the 31-year-old Danish striker/winger is set to receive £5 million a year’s worth of wages. Therefore, Barcelona will need to pay up his wages for the year 2022-24. 

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