Importance And Benefits Of Running Training

 Importance And Benefits Of Running Training


Every physical exercise aims to improve the current state of physical fitness, health, and quality of life of the individual who practices it. Given this sentence, running has some peculiarities and provides several benefits for practitioners. We highlight below some of them.

Weight Loss And Weight Maintenance Process

Due to its predominantly aerobic characteristic, running uses primarily fat as an energy substrate. So, in addition to a high caloric loss, running is excellent training to be performed in the weight loss process because those who have this goal usually have a large reserve of this substrate stored in the body. On the other hand, running is also an excellent option for keeping the weight off. Practiced at a different intensity and volume for this purpose, this type of training will also use fat as a substrate, preventing that localized fat from settling.

Improves Cardiorespiratory Fitness

After joining the practice of running, climbing stairs, walking long distances or short distances at high speed, for example, will become easier. This happens due to improved cardiorespiratory fitness, where the individual increases their VO2 max. (Volume of oxygen consumed over some time). In a literal sense, it means “more breath,” performing an activity with less effort, as the lungs, heart, and the system that involves these two organs are conditioned by running training.

Releases Accumulated Stress

Our bodies have very complex engineering, and hormones are part of it. With the practice of physical exercise, serotonin is released (the hormone responsible for causing good sensations, of pleasure and happiness, so once again, the importance of adhering to a training program that most pleases the practitioner must be emphasized!).

So, both when joining the practice of running, as running on those more stressful days causes a feeling of relief and physical and mental well-being, as the release of this hormone makes us “relax.” Making exercise an escape valve, especially for those who have a very stressful work routine.

Prevention Of Many Diseases

Regular running prevents and reduces the incidence of cardiovascular events by improving heart efficiency; controls blood pressure due to the improvement in coronary perfusion; in addition to combating obesity that is associated with the metabolic syndrome encompassing diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol. The practice of running also prevents osteoporosis by increasing bone density, especially in the lower limbs.

Insomnia Prevention

With exercise, sleep regulation becomes easier. Since insomnia is linked to stress and anxiety, physical exercise acts on hormonal regulation, favoring improvement and recovery from insomnia.

Strengthens bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments

Because it is an impact activity, bone density increases through the piezoelectric effect and micro muscle injuries in the lower limbs in the super-compensation process, which occurs at rest and strengthens muscle fibers and tendons.

Improves Your Mood

Once again enters the item hormonal regulation. Through the release of serotonin, the student begins to feel more willing and excited to perform the exercise and perform their daily tasks.