The different types of Minecraft servers

 The different types of Minecraft servers

If you are a Minecraft fan, then you would be thinking to play on the different Minecraft servers for the best gaming experience. With the thousands of Minecraft servers available, it can be hard for you to choose the best one for you.Finding the best server that would suit your style is essential. It is crucial that you should find the one that would be more helpful in enhancing your gameplay. Here is the list of minecraft servers that you should know before choosing one.


Survival is one of the popular server types because it is similar to the offline version of the Minecraft game. The difference that you can spot between a single player and this server is that other players will be populated in this game server. Overall, it is the server where the players have to survive the world and all the horrors that they come across while playing Minecraft.


If you don’t like fighting or mining, then this would be the best game server for you. A creative server allows one to build Minecraft designs without any hassles. The players can make the game more interesting as per their imagination. The main aspect of these servers is that players have to create.

PvP (players versus player):

Minecraft players have to fight against each in this server. If you like to battle, then this would be the best server option for you. It is great fun that you would enjoy when you choose to play on this game mode. But one requires the right strategies and skills to play on this game server. If you prefer action games, then this would be the right choice for you.

Prison server:

It is the new type of server for Minecraft. The players have to rank up in the game. If one to get good rankings in the game, then the player has to earn money. These modes are considered as a no stealing, grief, or PvP environment.

Hunger server:

This is another interesting server type where players will fight to the death. Hunger game mode is based on the famous Hollywood film. The fight takes place in the larger format area. Every player should hunt others until the last one remains in the game.

Thus, the above are some severs that you could find in the list of minecraft servers. There are numerous server types that you can find on Minecraft.Buzz website. You could easily find the website based on your preferences. You can choose from the version, game modes, and general version of the Minecraft servers. It is easy to browse different Minecraft servers and choose the right one from the list.

On this website, you would find the complete details about the server. Take a few minutes to read the server information and other essential features before you choose the server to play. You can also check the reviews of existing players. It would help you to make an informed decision about whether the server suits you or not.

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