Why should our children involve in recreational play?

 Why should our children involve in recreational play?

In the modern time, most of our children spend time indoors in front of screens. This accounts for almost 70% of their time. The average time they play outside is usually 30 mins the rest is spent indoors on their phone or watching TV shows. This raises concern to every parent about the health of their children. Every parent wants his children to have a good health by doing some exercises.

Recreational plays are good for personal exercises and are a good way to make your children busy instead of spending most of the time alone and on the house. They will help in adventure, trying new sports and other outdoor play. Inspire Play commercial playgrounds, this is where your kid will cure their spirit of adventure by visiting the best and safe outdoor play. They have the best recreational equipment that will keep your children away from home.

  • Physical exercises.

Physical exercises are good for the health of our body.  Children’s need to go out and play different games that will make them physically fit. Exercises also improve the brain and memory activities as well as increasing muscle strength and balance. It also improves the flow of the blood in our bodies which makes the brain muscles work to the maximum, this will improve the productivity of our children.

  • Improves self-esteem.

Children especially the impaired children need to interact with the rest of the children. They need to be told that they ‘can’ rather than they ‘cant’ this generally improves their self-esteem and help them grow into self-confident adults. They need to be shown how important they are in the society.

  • Socialization. 

Some children find it very hard to make new friend, recreational play is an opportunities to make new friend from outside their compound. It is also an experience to learn new things from friends. As a parent you should start see recreation as an opportunity for your children to share experience and new hobby with the rest of the children.

  • Learning.

Most of the impaired children have not been taught on how to participate in some activities. They have never been taught on the recreation specifically made for them. Recreational plays help them learn new activities that will build their self-confidence. By taking your children to the recreation plays they will learn many activities that will not only make them happy but also help them grow.

Clare Louise