Will the little Teams Have An Overabundance Money?

 Will the little Teams Have An Overabundance Money?

It’s been contended for almost any extended time once the small teams deserves more earnings to reside in F1. Now reports get it the small teams: Pressure India, Sauber and Lotus authored to F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone to require a good deal within the sport’s considerable revenues once they unsuccessful to create any progress in talks with Ecclestone inside the latter races.

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The letter was delivered to seek a celebration around this weekend’s season-ending race in Abu Dhabi. Copies were delivered to legal legallegal rights holders CVC, Worldwide Automobile Federation (FIA) president Jean Todt and team principals.

“Within our common interest as well as for a sustainable way ahead for that sport, we request you, combined with other stakeholders, to make use of a much more equitable distribution,” Bob Fernley, Pressure India deputy principal, pointed out within the letter.

Besides, within the letter, there’s been concerns over F1 turning into a couple-tier sport divided between constructors and individuals using ‘customer’ chassis or beefed up ‘Super GP2’ cars.

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“A Few-tier system could only be described as a short-sighted vision,” pointed out the letter. “It’s apparent the current developments are dramatically reducing the requirement of F1 and massively undermining its status as being a sport.”

However, so F1 is organized available way and to gain just as much sponsors and audience as possible is obviously in need of funds. Then when using this, there’s unquestionably the big teams for example Ferrari often leads more for that sport. Thus, its obtaining a bigger be part of the funds is very reasonable.

The problem is using the small teams haven’t enough money to speculate to handle the big teams now additionally for their inferior ranks make sure it is harder in order to get sponsors, thus less money, developing a vicious loop.

Additionally, from Ecclestone’s perspective, asking more earnings from F1 is completely impossible. Anf the husband frequently stressed the small teams are the explanation for their economic crisis anf the husband also advised individuals to follow along with normal business route and control their budget.

“They have an agreement they signed. They do know precisely what they signed and how much money they’d receive,” he pointed out.

“These teams do not have to maintain financial trouble. They have to consider whatever they must spend and perform best they might using this.”

Furthermore, he even compared F1 having a poker game. He pointed out: “The reality is, to obtain super competitive you’ve clearly arrived at maintain others so you’ve to speculate, whether everyone loves it otherwise. You will not win races inexpensively. Once they don’t have your allowance that enables individuals to invest they’ll eventually disappear. It’s like a poker game you’ll find got enough money, since there are big dealers inside, don’t participate in the game. “

Well, inside the details we mentioned above, i am not suggesting the small teams can acquire the help of F1 Group. And whether they’d prefer to survive for the next couple of years remains yet to understand.