Beyond Favorites: Exploring the Thrills of Underdog Sports Betting in South Africa with YesPlay

 Beyond Favorites: Exploring the Thrills of Underdog Sports Betting in South Africa with YesPlay

Many online sports punters in South Africa, especially those completely new to the world of sports betting, find it convenient to wager on the favorites, believing it to be the easiest and most reliable approach to predicting the winner of a contest. However, while betting on favorites may offer higher chances of winning, it comes at the cost of lower odds, which means that bettors may not always yield significant profits even if they manage to predict the outcomes right. For sports enthusiasts who do not mind a bit of risk-taking and love the excitement of uncertainty, betting on underdogs might prove to be a much more thrilling and potentially lucrative endeavor. 

What Is Betting on Underdogs in Sports?

Betting on underdogs means placing wagers on teams or individual athletes that are not expected to win. While every sportsbook in South Africa, including YesPlay, has different odds for underdog bets, the general rule is the same: the less likely the team or athlete to win, the higher the potential payout. 

Discovering a successful underdog bet is not easy and requires a thoughtful approach and dedication. Equipped with the following tips, bettors will be able to make informed decisions and see value in unexpected outcomes:

  • Start with thorough research.

One must take the time and do thorough research to find a high-quality underdog bet on a platform like YesPlay, where there are dozens of sports and hundreds of betting markets. Just going to and taking a pick of any random underdog will not do the trick. To choose the best underdogs with a good chance of winning, punters need to look at how the team and players have performed recently, check for injuries, and see other important numbers.

  • Avoid favoritism and remain objective.

Feelings can make bettors make bad calls that could end up losing them money. It is crucial for bettors to stay clear-headed and look at the real chances of the underdog winning by using hard facts and unbiased judgment.

  • Bet against overvalued favorites.

It not always so happens that odds offered by sportsbooks accurately reflect the underdog’s true potential. If punters have reasons to believe that the favorite is overrated, they might consider going against them and backing the underdog with a stronger motivation, for example. 

  • Consider live betting.

Live betting allows punters to place bets during a match if they suddenly spot winning opportunities when the underdog starts to show promise. With hundreds of live events featured at, finding the right live underdog bet should not be too difficult.

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