What are the Best NRL Betting Markets to Consider

 What are the Best NRL Betting Markets to Consider

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is an American term to describe head-to-head betting on NRL matches. It is the oldest and simplest method of betting. In an upcoming match you simply choose the team you think will win, place a Moneyline bet on them and if they win, so do you! 

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting involves placing a bet on NRL match based on how the online sports bookmaker has handicapped the game. In an upcoming match, the Penrith Panthers have been handicapped at -3.5 in a match against the Sydney Roosters, The Panthers are favoured to win the match and a bet on them at -3.5 is a bet on them to Win the match by 4 points or more. The odds for handicap betting are generally $1.90 meaning that a $10 investment will return $19 (10 x $19). 

Handicap betting is popular as it stimulates betting interest in matches that may be one-sided. 

Total Points Betting

As the name suggests this is a bet on the total number of points scored by the teams combined in an NRL match. Points betting operates in a similar way to handicap betting with the bookmaker setting a “line” on the points and offering either “over” or “under” options. 

In the Panthers and Roosters match above the total was set at 42.5 points. If the score was 42 points or less the under would win, with the over winning if the score was 43 or more. Odds offered on points betting are $1.90 for both options.

Futures Betting

Future betting is a great way to stay involved in the NRL for the whole season. The most popular futures bet is on the NRL Premiership winner. The market opens in October and fluctuates over the next 12 months until the Grand Final is played. Other popular NRL betting markets include the Minor Premiership (team to head ladder at the end of the regular season) and the top 8. 

First Try Scorer Betting

Proposition or novelty bets are only a recent addition to NRL betting odds and are extremely popular. The most popular of these bet types is “First Try Scorer” betting. For the better it is simple, who will score the first try in the match? Choose the correct player and you win. The odds on this bet type are fantastic with the shortest price normally a juicy $5 or more. There is no doubt that a first Tryscorer bet adds to the excitement of watching your team play! 

Live Betting

As the name suggests, Live Betting is a bet placed on a match that is in progress. The odds in Live Betting can fluctuate wildly throughout the 80 minutes of an NRL match with weather conditions, send-offs, injuries and momentum swings all playing a part. In Australia, Live betting can only be done over the phone and is prohibited online. 


The explosion of online betting operators in Australia has seen a sharp rise in the number of betting markets available on the NRL. This provides opportunities for bettors looking for an edge. Aussie bookmaker Palmerbet offers a lot of markets and with three generations of bookmaking experience, they are a brand that can be trusted. The Palmerbet blog offers previews and the latest NRL news to help you make an informed choice when placing your bets. 

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Clare Louise