List of Different Teams Who Were Worse During the Premier League

 List of Different Teams Who Were Worse During the Premier League

Premier League is one of the topmost levels of the English football league system. It is said to be one of the profitable games for most people, but for some teams, it is a damaging one. So, here is a list of teams who have scored the lowest point in the league.

1) Derby’s County (2007/08)

This team was a part of the 2007/08 Premier League campaign. They are said to have played the worse with a mere earning of 11 points. County was selected for the first time in 5 years to play in this premier league, with a hope to get on the top of the list, but they failed to be anywhere near the cut-out. In the entire session, they won only once. is one of the best websites where you can watch ดูบอลสด updates.

2) Sunderland (2002/03)

This team is said to have played well in the year 2005/06, but they had a horrifying experience in 2002/03. It was said that there were these experienced players like Claudio Reyna, Kevin Philips, Marcus Stewart, Julio Arca, and Thomas Sorensen in this campaign, but their partnership didn’t go well with these younger and naïve players.

3) Norwich (2019/20)

This team had secured an unexpected championship in the year 2018/19. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it to the top list in the year 2019/20. This lack of confidence was said to have received from their rich shareholders Delia Smith and her husband Michael Wynn-Jones.

4) Ipswich (1994/95)

This team is said to have a major defeat in the Premier League in the year 1994/95. They were defeated by one of our favorite teams Manchester United. Due to lack of firepower, the former lead John Lyall was replaced by player George Burley. This was at that time when they lost the match. However, Burley helped the team to get fifth place in the 2000 season.

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