Basic equipment to play professional football

 Basic equipment to play professional football

Whether for training or for games, your equipment is not chosen at random. Find here some advice to equip yourself correctly and think only of: having free movements to give your best on the ground. For training and games, the set consists essentially of a jersey, shorts and a pair of socks.

Soccer jersey

The football jersey must have a tight cut whose very fluid textile component accompanies all your movements. Choose breathable models that facilitate the elimination of perspiration and resistant so as not to be damaged by the possible tugging of opponents.

Football shorts

Football shorts should also be fluid to allow great freedom of movement and, thus, accompany the slightest movement on the ground. To ensure support, we advise you to choose a model with an elastic waist and a drawstring.

Soccer socks

Regarding the socks, it will be convenient to choose a pair for your size. They usually have ventilation areas on the instep for better breathability. In the higher ranges you will find models with elastic band in the center of the foot to guarantee you a good support of the product during use.

Football Training Pants

We advise you to complete your equipment with training pants, its tight cut favors your travels on the ground, and with a training jersey or 1/2 zip sweat whose tight cut favors movements. These products are generally composed of a dense and soft material that maintains heat, with a thumb pass for greater support.

What equipment is needed to play football?

Football is a physical sport, rough and agitated, popular all over the world. Although the game is very old, its current form was developed during the 19th century. The basic concepts are quite simple. Players can pass the ball using their feet in an attempt to kick into the opposing team’s net. The only player allowed to touch the ball with his hands is the goalkeeper. Playing requires only a few basic pieces of equipment. Likewise, football betting requires you to visit the Best soccer prediction site.

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The main piece of equipment needed to play football is a ball. It can be classified into three sizes. Size 3 is the smallest type, reserved for children, usually measures between 58 and 70 cm in circumference and weighing 310 to 340 grams. Designed for teenagers, the size 4 has a circumference of about 63 to 66 cm and weighs between 340 to 370 grams. Size 5 is the football standard, with a circumference of 68 to 71 cm and an approximate weight of 395 to 430 grams.


Shoes also play an important role in the game. Cleats have locks at the bottom to give players better traction as they move. The locks can vary in length, from 1.5 cm to 2.5 cm. Some players wear custom-made cleats to ensure a perfect fit. These shoes should fit well. Football is a difficult game, so if you’re playing at full speed, shin guards are a good idea. All players wear knee-high socks. They also wear T-shirts and shorts that help to differentiate one team from another.