Top Ranked Players of EPL  

 Top Ranked Players of EPL   


English Premiere League, also called premier league football (บอล พรีเมียร์ ลีก, term in Thai) is a game that boasts of having the best players in the world. The world witnesses thrilling one and half hours as the ball gets kicked by the ones worshipped by fans. But every year discussions and fights happen over the topic of the best one. No two people can possibly on the same player. But some players have made to the list of the best ones with their talent and hard work.

Harry Kane


The Captain of England and also Tottenham’s front man makes it to the list because of his hard work and grittiness. His talent, hard work and relationship with Son Heung-min regarding the forward is has enable him to bring Tottenham to trophy-challenging position. There is very much chance of seeing him lifting the trophy for his country as well.

Bruno Fernandes


The one person to transform the team of Manchester United and revolutionize their attacking threat is Bruno Fernandez. His hard work earned him two trophies before he headed to the current team. Here his level got polished and he successfully made it to the list. No player is possibly as valuable as He is for the Manchester United.



It’s been three years that Mohamed Salah led the Liverpool team to the Champion’s League final. When it comes to marshaling blistering attack, none is probably quite like this Egyptian national. He became the true heart of the Liverpool attack by adding assistance to goal scoring form. Liverpool has a hard working forward in him who has increased defensive, assists and distribution contributions.

Son Heung-min


We have already praised his forward relation with Harry Kane as exceptional and second to none. In 2015 he joined Tottenham from Bayer Leverkusen. His actual worth got to be seen under Mauricio Pochettino as he created the wonderful partnership with Kane. Now the entire team of Tottenham caters to the duo Son and Kane which has gifted us some wonderful results. In the first half of 2020/21 season Son scored successful 16 goals. There is high expectation from the 28 years old Korean national.

Virgil van Dijk


Consistency is one of the most important key of any title winning side of premiere league. As Djik came to Liverpool from Southampton in 2015, he brought exactly the same thing. The team that had disasters for a few years got a defensive foundation in the center-back with a height of 6 ft. 4 inch. Djik who led Liverpool to Champions League final came second to Messi in the Ballon d’Or 2019. The exceptionally disciplined player earned only one yellow card in the past domestic season. He stayed absent due to the knee injury in the wake of 2020/21 season. This absence has proved his value to the team.

Kevin De Bruyne


The Belgian player scored his best 13 goals in 2019/20 Premiere League and displayed a whole new level. In the same season the numbers of his assists were a staggering 20. With the confidence level of Thierry Henry, vision of Andres Iniesta and crossing ability of Beckham, Bruyne is an exceptional mainstay in Manchester City.

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